About Us

Tamar has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for over 18 years.

We developed enterprise websites before the birth of eCommerce, optimised for search engines before the Google guys enrolled at Stanford and discussed the strategic relevance of user generated content before Facebook had a business model.

Tamar was founded in 1995 by Tanya Goodin and is to this day a privately owned, debt free and highly agile organisation.

While much has changed since Tamar’s inception and the early days of the first internet boom, the principles of well planned and executed internet marketing campaigns remain the same:

  • Cost effectively deliver new customers
  • Develop awareness, association and engagement with defined target audiences
  • Build sustainable solutions that deliver measured ROI in line with company objectives

As new technologies and best practices have emerged, Tamar has revised its approach to ensure that clients understand and exploit the opportunities that have been presented by these developments.

Tamar now employs over 60 staff across 2 continents within 3 complementary divisions: search, mobile and social media.

Being an investor in people and participating in Corporate Social Responsibility projects are both foundations of Tamar’s business model.

An active and ongoing professional development programme is undertaken for all staff and the company contributes extensively to the wider community in which we live and work through our Tamar Lifeline Charity.

Today, Tamar deliver market beating strategies and return on investment for a number of the UK’s  leading brands in the most competitive sectors online.

If you would like any more information about our services please get in touch.