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British Fashion – High-End vs High Street – Who is the most sociable?

With love in the air on Valentine’s Day we’ve released the latest infographic in Tamar’s BrandLove series which ranks Britain’s fashion brands as measured by their social media communities.

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BrandLove25 2012

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Tanya Goodin, Tamar’s CEO commented: “When we started the Brand Love series in 2011 we decided to measure ‘love’ by the degree of social interactions with the brand online. There are lots of different measures and our table deliberately lays itself wide open to challenges of metrics that haven’t been considered. But as a very transparent, easily trackable measure it’s still effective. This year we’ve been able to add some of the newer social platforms to our metric (like Pinterest and Instagram) as more brands have adopted them.”

She continues: “Our thinking is that if you’re following a brand on Twitter (or Instagram or Pinterest) and engaging with it on Facebook, that suggests your feeling about it is somewhat stronger than mere ‘awareness’. You’re interested in what that brand has to say and you want to get news and updates about its activity. Following a brand shows you’re actively involved with it, not just a passive appreciator of its charms. That kind of active involvement is what every brand in the social media age is seeking. Engaged fans will buy your brand time and time again over any competitor because they feel ownership and involvement.”