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How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media? The answer is TouchScore - Tamar's proprietary tool for measuring just that. Lots of brands struggle to put their finger on why they're doing social. TouchScore puts a value on the relationships you develop with your consumers online. It's not about who has the most fans or who got the highest engagement - using a raft of metrics combined in one measurable 'Touch' score puts the emphasis on an integrated strategy to uncover the bigger picture of what social is delivering for you.

Touchscore measures five key 'Touch' components and produces an overall TouchScore, which is a weighted composite of each of the five components - against three of your competitors. The five components are: Visibility; Involvement; Participation; Advocacy; Commitment

How it works

"Touchscore has been an essential tool in helping to define our social media strategy. I would recommend Tamar's Touchscore for any brand looking to understand and optimise their social performance."


"Tamar's TouchScore has provided us with some real insights into how to develop & deepen the connection the Burton brand has with its online customers. I would highly recommend it to any brand serious about social media engagement."


Using TouchScore, we are tracking the social and digital marketing performance of the Top 10 global sports brands.


"TouchScore has been an invaluable tool for the team here at sk:n - whilst we've made good inroads in social already, the insight provided by TouchScore is allowing us to hone our strategy."

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